Dear Friends,

VMI Group of companies has been actively involved in the business of "metal recycling and processing" for more than 25 years now. We are now moving further and expanding our product portfolio and introducing new products for our consumers.

In our constant endeavour to innovate and add new dimensions to our product range, we have been adding new products every year. We have recently come out with "Shalimar" and "Presto" pressure cookers, new designs of Aluminium and Copper Utensils and improved our quality and streamlined our proaction processes.

As simples as the itself, we have refrained from doing anything complicated, but rather decided to focus on bringing the same products to our costumers in a superior quality from most similar products in the market, and at a competitive price.

A lot of planing, ideas, and thought have gone into the making of our products, and with the same care for detail, we strive to achieve excellence in our products so that the food you make is convenient to make and a treat to eat.

With the website catalog, we have brought together all products we manufacture under the umbrella of VMI Group.

We work hard to make our products of the best quality possible, and hope that you find us to be successful in this goal of ours. We thank you as a customer, the supplier, an employee or a partner for your help and goodwill since our beginning to make us what we are today.

Should you have any queries, you can write to me personally at

Kanhaiyalal Baidya