Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision:

We aim to be the market leader in our field of operation and envision a comprehensive growth based on customer satisfaction.

Our Mission:

  • Contribute to the national economy and create employment opportunities.

  • Achieve customer satisfaction by corresponding the business endeavour with customer needs.

  • Reduce operational inefficiencies to deliver goods at a competitive price.

  • Alleviate energy crisis by recycling metals and promoting sustainable development.

Our values:


We are known for the premium quality that we offer at an affordable cost. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and all our products are subjected to an intensive process of quality assurance to bring to you only the finest product options.

Our Quality Policy

“VMI Group is dedicated to bring quality products at competitive prices to the customers we serve. To achieve this dream, we shall continuously evolve our technologies, adapt to the changing market and consumer environments, be ethical in our business dealings, and never compromise on quality. We define quality as continuously meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers and it not only related to the quality of the product but also our service and efficiency in operation at all levels in our organization.”

Customer Delights:

All our products are designed to optimise user efficiency. So we put our efforts to deliver more than what is expected or beyond what is convenient. We do our utmost to fetch the market with quality products that people would be happy to use.


We seek opportunities and actuate the possibilities of product innovation while integrating best technologies to enhance product quality and produce cost effective solutions. We design and create new products keeping in mind their requirement and usefulness to our customers.


We take pride in our unmatchable quality that renders our products irreplicable. Some of our products carry with it aesthetic values that have been revived with great attention to detail via unmatchable craftsmanship.


Sustainability is one of our core business principles. We invest in the optimum use of resources and thrive for a sustained economic growth addressing social responsibilities. Our products are recyclable, reusable and healthy and, we have been doing the utmost to reduce the carbon footprint and make environment friendly products.